Jute Stripes Bags

Whether it is a trip to the beach or to a nearby shop, do it with style with Aaltex International’s Jute Stripes bags that are not only eco-friendly but also made with a sturdy and durable jute material. We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of jute stripes bags that come in an assortment of rainbow colours and elegant stripe patterns, are comfortable to carry and add a classy touch to your personality every time you choose to complement it with your attire. Jute stripes Bags are widely used as beach bags, fancy bags, ladies bags, gift bags etc. These are highly customizable to meet the varied demands of our customers.

  • Jute Stripes Bag
    ITEM CODE AI/1516389
    SIZE 38X42X12 cms
  • Jute Stripes Bag
    IITEM CODE AI/1516391
    SIZE 36X36X12 cms
  • Jute Stripes Bag
    ITEM CODE AI/1516392A
    SIZE 38X42X13cms
  • Jute Stripes Bag
    ITEM CODE AI/1516393
    SIZE 38X42 cms
  • Jute Stripes Bag
    ITEM CODE AI/1516418
    SIZE 25X20X15, 42X40X15cms
  • Jute Stripes Bag
    ITEM CODE AI/1516392B
    SIZE 45X36X12 cms
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